Your donation can help fund:

Spay/Neuter Programs
For those who cannot afford to get their pets altered, the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility's Spay Shuttle and medical professionals who volunteer their services can provide an opportunity! Click HERE for details!

Vaccines, Medicines & Specialized Tests
Many animals arrive at the shelter needing special tests to determine the cause of their sickness, followed by appropriate medication to treat the illness or injury.

Many times, animals arrive at the shelter badly injured and in need of special surgical treatment.

Equipment & Technology
Equipment is always needed at the Chula Vista Animal Care facility!

Providing Comfort
Warm cozy beds, toys for cats and dogs, blankets, towels and treats can make an animal’s stay at the animal shelter so much better!

The Foster Care Program
We put animals that are too young, sick or injured in the care of loving foster homes where they can be bottle fed, socialized, and lovingly cared for.

Where it's needed the most!
Different circumstances arise every day that need funding.

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